The CuLLs
   ...a 60s Rock 'n Soul Band
      from Little Rock, AR
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The Culls graduated high school in the spring of 1968 and went different directions to colleges in Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia.  The group reunited in the summer of 1969 and recorded a demo track Heart Full of Soul/Go On Home.

That was the final performance of the original five Culls until November 1999 when the Butler Center, part of the Arkansas Library System, and writer Bill Jones organized a project to re-release many of E&M’s early 45’s on CD and held a two day conference and show at the downtown Little Rock River Market Pavilion.  The five original Culls performed a dozen or so covers from their sixties sets for an audience of several hundred.

Bassist Dub Elrod was lost in 2005 to a sudden heart attack.  The remaining group members along with classmates, friends of the Culls, Dorothy Palmer Cox and Jack Tyler performed at the LR Hall Class of '68 40-Year Reunion September 13th 2008. 


Inspired by the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show and the TAMI Show movie (with Chuck Berry, James Brown, the Rolling Stones and other R&B acts), Dan Kenner (lead guitar) and Mike Anders (rhythm guitar & harmonica) formed The Culls while at Forest Heights Jr High, Little Rock, AR in 1964.  Classmates Jim Orahood (drums) and Dub Elrod (bass) joined shortly afterwards.  Kenner and Anders shared the singing responsibilities and the group studied and covered numerous album cuts by The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Them and the Kinks.


Steve Baldwin joined the group as vocalist and front man in the fall of 1965 at Hall High School.  By spring 1966 the group was playing regularly wherever there was paying work: high school dances, fraternity parties, bank openings and even a rodeo.  In February of 1967 The Culls recorded and released Midnight to Six Man/Walk On By on the E&M MY Records label.  Midnight to Six Man reached #1 on Little Rock radio station KAAY in the spring of 1967.  By late 1967, The Culls recruited a horn section from the school marching band and performed certain shows with as many as fourteen pieces, adding easy to dance to songs from James Brown, Sam and Dave, Otis Redding and the Temptations. 

Pine Bluff, AR - 1967
L-R Steve Baldwin, vocals; Jim Orahood, drums; Mike Anders, rhythm guitar; Dub Elrod, bass; Dan Kenner, lead guitar


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